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Where do you start when you want to buy a house?

There are many reasons why people will want to buy a house:

Maybe they’ve outgrown the place they live at now.

Renters get tired of the apartment life and when they realize

they could have a house with a yard for the same price

as rent --- many are ready to start packing.

Wanting to downsize or needing a better layout for your life, we get this one a lot.

Whatever the reason, the first step is finding a Realtor you can trust. Next you’ll want to contact a mortgage person to find out how much you will qualify for, how much your payments will be and how long it will take to find a house.

Finally you get ready for the big move!

Now you're ready to start looking at houses, land, investments properties, etc.

Searching for houses can be exciting at times but is very time consuming.  

Did you know that many public real estate sites show inaccurate data?

You could have spent 30 hours looking for houses and found one you loved just to find out it sold last year!


Always cross reference that dream home on or even better let your agent do the hard work for you!

You don't know what's out there until you start going inside of the houses you've liked online.

Houses can look really different in person.

At Staged 2 Sold Realty we won't stop until we find you the perfect house.

We will get you organized and educate you on buying real estate.

If you're wanting to sell your house and buy another call us, we can help make that an easier transition for you.

Staged 2 Sold Realty specializes in helping our clients with fixer uppers. 

We can find you that house for less and come up with a budget to get it updated to fit the needs of your lifestyle or personality.

One of my favorite things to do is to make an ugly house pretty again!

Our relationship doesn't end at the closing table at Staged 2 Sold Realty.

We want to come by and see how that house is looking years later!